Place of interest


* Cervia (10 min walk, 5 min by car)

Museum of salt

Thermal center

Big open market on Thursday

Historical places

* Cattolica ( approx 50 min by car)

One of biggest acquarium in Italy

Historical places

* Rimini ( approx 40 min by car)

Historical places


Amusement parks

* Riccione ( approx 45 min by car)

Touristic city

* Ravenna ( approx 25 min by car)

"Rocca Brancaleone"

"Giardini pensili del palazzo della provincia"

Ravenna has famous mosaics but it s all inside churches and places similar to church. There is also a place dedicated to Dante Alighieri but still, I think it s all near or inside churches.

Mirabilandia amusement park

* Bologna (approx 1.20 h by car)

Several palaces

" Le due Torri"

I portici

Jewish community ( a synagogue to visit)

* San Marino ( Indipendent republic ) (approx 1 h)

Center city

Historical places

Torture museum


We suggest tour guide ( they know also what to tell about presence of Jews in San Marino and is cheap) , it can be visit in half day.

* Firenze ( approx 2.30 h by car or by train , train station in Cervia )

Jewish community

Historical places

* Venezia ( approx 2.30 h by car or by train , train station in Cervia )

Jewish community ( the ghetto,  museum, synagogue .... - for  tour in the museum or

in the synagogue usually is better to reserve even if for small group usually they don t make problems. Passover is full of tourist want to visit these places.

* "Terra di seta" kosher winery ( approx 3 hours by car)

Need to reserve before going

Good reviews from guests of last year

* Siena  ( approx 3 hours by car)

The ghetto

Historical places

* Arezzo  ( approx 2 hours by car)

 Piazza grande

Anfiteatro romano

Historical places

* Pitigliano  ( approx 3:45 hours by car)

Presence of Jews

* San Gimignano  ( approx 3 hours by car)

Art galleries


Historical places

* It s always better you by yourself to check again distances, place to visit etc ...

TripAdvisor is a good way to see all kind of suggestions and reviews.

* All the cities are full of church , basilicate and these kind places (with inside pictures etc ...) sometimes is difficult to understand from out the difference between a palace and a catholic place . I didn t write about it because I never been there ( for religious reason).

* Cervia has a train station from where is possible to reach all the cities.